High-quality door accessories in Canberra


Capital Doorworks also sells a large range of accessories for garage doors, garage door motors and gate motors including but not limited to:

Remote Controls and Wireless Wall Buttons

We carry all major brands as well as replacement batteries for each.

Photo-Electric (PE) Safety Beams

PE Safety Beams can be fitted to the door opening and motor to ensure the door cannot be closed if a person or object is currently obstructing it. Similarly, if the beams are broken at any time while the door is descending the motor will stop and automatically reverse. A must for anyone with small children or pets.

Battery Backup Units and Emergency Release Devices

While every garage door fitted with a motor has a manual override feature, battery backup units ensure the Door can still be operated with the press of a button even in the event of a power outage. Emergency release devices extend the manual override feature on motorised doors so that even if closed they can still be opened with a key from the outside (again useful in the event of power outage).

Wireless Keypads and Wireless Fingerprint Readers

These can be used if you wish to restrict access and have authorised persons gain entry via a valid PIN code or fingerprint scan.

Weather Strips and Brush Seals

These can be added for additional protection against drafts, vermin and dust. 

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